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About Us

Welcome to International Veterinary Volunteer Opportunities!

Founded and operated by Veterinarians, Dr Audrey Shen from Sydney, Australia and Dr Scott Bainbridge from Ontario, Canada.

With over 43 years of vet experience between them, working, teaching and travelling, they have come together to create a partnership business that gives back to their patients as well as the veterinary heroes that work tirelessly to save them. 

Scott and Audrey crossed paths in Australia teaching kids at Future Vet Kids Camp, a veterinary camp for kids founded by Scott and his wife Andra. In 2019 Audrey and her twin sister Alison (also a Veterinarian!) bought the kids camp and continue to run it across 3 states in Australia during the school holidays. 


Scott and Audrey continue to work as Veterinarians and in their spare time volunteer their veterinary skills. Recently, both vets sold their veterinary practices to allow them to spend more time doing what they love. 

Dr Scott runs an ongoing pet sterilisation program in Ecuador and regularly hosts veterinarians and nurses around the world to assist in the popular program. Dr Scott also sits on the Board of Golden Rescue, one of Canada's largest single breed rescues. Dr Scott features on TV shows "Dog's Best Friend" and "Animal House-calls" (Animal Planet). He is also the resident vet on Global TV's 'The Morning Show'.

Since the 2019/2020 devastating Australian Bushfires, Dr Audrey has been heavily involved in many programs and charities rescuing and treating native Australian Wildlife. In 2020 she assisted to design and build a dedicated veterinary wildlife hospital within a kangaroo sanctuary. As the superintendent vet of Possumwood Wildlife hospital, she continues to dedicate her spare time regularly volunteering there to treat many wildlife patients. Dr Audrey also sits on the board of directors of Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, a dedicated establishment with a strong focus on rehabilitation, conservation and education. Dr Audrey and her identical twin sister feature on the Australian TV show "Bondi Vet".

Scott and Audrey share the same passion for continuing education, wildlife, community and travel. Together they hope to offer veterinary experiences that give back to communities and wildlife. 


IVVO aims to create fun and rewarding experiences for the people that dedicate their lives to saving animals.  Each experience is designed and catered to be unique and we hope that it will help 'fill the buckets' for many veterinarians, veterinary technicians and nurses.

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